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Medicare Guidance


Navigate Medicare with Confidence

Navigate Medicare with Confidence

A well-structured Medicare plan is a crucial part of your overall retirement strategy. Making the wrong decision about when to enroll or which coverage to choose can end up costing you money.

A licensed professional can help you understand the key Medicare terms, deadlines, coverages and costs before you enroll.  

At Knox Grove Financial, we understand that Medicare is a complex program and we provide the guidance for proactive planning that takes into consideration your health care needs, your budget, and potential tax-efficient strategies.

                                            What You Need to Know Before You Enroll

The Basics

What is Medicare, how does it work and who is eligible?


Initial | Open | General | Annual 
What's the difference?


Your health care needs and budget will determine the coverage you choose.

Annual Review

Review your drug plan and coverages during Annual Enrollment (10/15 - 12/7)

Talk to a Professional

Talk to a Professional

As Knox Grove’s resident Medicare Specialist, Bill Stolow, CFP®, is available to help you navigate the enrollment process, choose the plan that's right for you, or reevaluate your existing plan. He has helped many of our clients choose the coverage best suited to their situation while helping them avoid costly Medicare mistakes like missed deadlines or coverage gaps.

Bill is also an agent for Physicians Mutual Dental Plans. There is no extra cost to meet with Bill and review your options. If you’d like to set up an appointment with Bill for a Medicare consultation please call our office at 609-216-7440.

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