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Financial Wellness

When it comes to managing your finances, taking steps to understand your relationship with money and developing positive financial habits, can help reduce stress and improve your financial well-being.  It's all about enjoying the journey on "Your Path Forward".  Take one step forward with us each month as we guide you towards financial wellness.

January - Step #1
Understand Your Relationship with Money

February - Step #2
Create a Simple Budget

March - Step #3
Take Inventory

April - Step #4
Establish Goals

May - Step #5
Finalize Monthly Budget

June - Step #6
Reduce Your Expenses

July - Step #7
Build an Emergency Fund

August - Step #8
Pay Off Debt

September - Step #9
Implement a Savings Plan

October - Step #10
Develop an Investment Strategy

November - Step #11
Manage Risk

December - Step #12
Think Ahead—Move Ahead