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Investment Portfolio Management

Our team at Knox Grove has chosen to work on a fee-based approach to investment portfolio management. This means that the success of your portfolio is directly tied to our success as your advisor. As laws, industry regulations, and policies change over the years we are actively managing your investment portfolio to find the best allocations for your portfolio to thrive.

We design and manage portfolios aligned with your level of risk tolerance with the goal of maximizing gains while minimizing losses. As fiduciaries, you can rest easy knowing the recommendations we make are done solely in your best interest. Most investors tend to buy high and sell low due to emotions and inaccurate news. When the markets are volatile, we remind you of your long-term goals and walk you through the emotional side of investing.

Investment Portfolio Management  ($250,000 in Investable Assets)

  • Goals and objectives review
  • Current investment plan analysis
  • Custom analysis of risk tolerance
  • Investment strategy proposal
  • Investment management agreement
  • Investment plan and strategies implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring and portfolio rebalancing
  • Annual asset allocation reviews
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Tax and cost-basis reporting

Additional Services

  • Financial plan development
  • Financial plan updates

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