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About Knox Grove

About Knox Grove

We take great pride in helping our clients work through their challenges and achieve their goals. At Knox Grove, we value strong relationships and take a personalized approach to delivering financial planning and investment management solutions. Meet our team and learn more about how our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ can help you get on track.

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Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path

We believe that financial planning and investment management is partly about taking care of money, but mostly about taking care of people. We take the time to listen to you and to understand what you want. Then, together, we can create a clear Path Forward. Because we know that each person’s journey is unique, we offer three different paths for you to choose from.

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Where are you now and where do you want to be?

At Knox Grove, we take a “whole person” view of your finances. We focus on what is important to you and help you answer the big questions like, “Where am I going?” or “What are my goals and how can I reach them?” We help you create a financial path from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your personal roadmap evolves with you through all the phases of your life, providing you with the clarity and know-how you need to move ahead. So let’s get started and get you in control. The result will be a feeling of confidence that your future will be what you want it to be.

Your Goals. Our Strategies.

Discover an array of services for all your financial needs.

  • Financial Planning

    A financial plan is a comprehensive overview of your financial goals and dreams and the steps that need to be put in place so you can achieve them. A sound financial plan is reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

  • Investment Management

    Our investment decisions are guided by your individual needs. The goal is to achieve a widely diversified portfolio that achieves the return you desire at a level of risk you’re comfortable with.

  • Risk Management/Insurance Planning

    Life happens and it’s wise to be prepared. We can help you create a sound insurance strategy that will protect you and your family from the financial consequences of any unexpected events.

  • Retirement Planning

    Sound retirement planning helps you retire with financial freedom so you can continue to live the life you want. One standard plan cannot fit everyone because each person has a unique situation.

  • Estate Planning

    Who will get the things you worked so hard for after you’re gone? Estate planning is about wealth accumulation and preservation, tax minimization strategies, and leaving a legacy. Taking steps now will make carrying out your plan as easy as possible later.

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